Redviper Ventures and Development Corporation specializes in engineering services

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values guide the planning and conduct of every facet of our business. Good operations and a great strategic vision are not enough. It takes a solid foundation of values and a commitment to partnering with our customers and our employees.


To be excellent in everything that we do.


To be globally competitive by delivering to our clients the most effective and efficient premium value of services in the industry.

Our Core Values

Our decisions and practices are guided by the RVDC desired values. They are the core to who we are and how we behave as a company.
Integrity – honesty, integrity, transparency and highest ethical standards in our relationships with all our stakeholders.
Care – Sustained care and fairness for our people, the communities we touch and the environments we operate in.
Teamwork – Communication and collaboration with each other across the company and with partners to achieve success. It develops diversity awareness, thereby enhancing respect among all.
Ownership and accountability – Personal ownership and accountability for quality results in pursuit of our collective goals. We take pride in our work and the company.
Commitment – we do what we say.
Loyalty – devotion & faithful adherence; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.