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ANC Jetty

A 3 hectare RECLAMATION PROJECT RVDC reclaimed more than 2 hectare shoreline using boulders and laterite materials. The project is used as anchorage for LCTs used for the loading of Ore and Nickel materials.RVDC did the lay out and design of the jetty that was used by 11 LCTs simultaneously. RVDCs engineering team initially conducted comprehensive sounding works to aid for the design of the reclamation project. RVDC did a remarkable job as it needs to consider all factors on the use of the reclamation project that includes the slope to consider so that there will be no stagnant water , providing mooring posts , drainage , berms , etc. RVDC finished the project in 4.5 months. Sounding works.
  • Tumbagaan Island, Languyan, Tawi-tawi City
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